- Luis A. G. Hernandez -

Interview with LH
Interview by Sarah Décarroux

Tall, robust, Lucho Hernandez approached with a smile on his face, a half-amused, half-worried smile, which seemed to say: "What are you going to do with me?"
He sat down confidently, to punctuate his gesture with an almost childish clumsiness: After having crushed my foot, his knee fell on that of the table, then he smiled as if everything was normal. Lucho Hernandez seemed ready to answer my questions.

-"Aren't you Chilean !?"Funny question. Lucho replied with simplicity:

-"Indeed, a whole branch of my family comes from Russia, Germany, Holland too ... I look more like a Russian than a Chilean, yet if you look closely, you can almost detect Traits of Mapuche ... it must come from the other branch of my family which is very Chilean. "While laughing a little, he ordered a coffee.

At 30, Lucho Hernandez has lived in Paris for 10 years already. He studied design there and has now set up as an independent.

-"If you don't live exclusively from painting, what does it mean to you?"Lucho has already visibly thought about it:
-"It is a way of keeping a metaphysical universe by my side. Next to the real world, where the audiovisual sector predominates, I always have a way of escaping to something more authentic."

Paint to get out of superficiality, okay, but
-"what do you mean by metaphysics?"Now Lucho starts singing in Spanish, a very nice tune, but I don't understand anything.

-"It means:" the walker only makes his way by walking "... What I mean by that is that with painting, I try to think outside the box, I try to go where nobody went again ... just to find my place. "

Find its place, a recurring theme in his works.

"In these virgin lands, you arrive there with your own experience: you clear the land… you also decipher!"Lucho likes to play on puns."I paint like we write books: I do it without knowing where I'm going, I never know what the story of my canvas is going to be. I'm the way, the layers accumulate and history is written Afterwards, we can do several readings: metaphorical, aesthetic ... "It is certain, the texture of his paintings is deep and meaningful."A painting only interests me if it expresses a certain accomplishment ... On a canvas, I want to see the worn side, the experience ... what I call" leather "... We can read the experience of a leather, just by looking at it. When you look at one of my paintings, it's the same, you see the cycles of construction, destruction and reconstruction that marked it, that gave it its unique identity. "On his face too, in Lucho, you can read a lot when he talks about his painting: obvious marks of sincerity, disturbing marks of lucidity, constant marks of tenacity.

The interview took off well, but the clock turned: "Lucho, it's over." It seems that he did not see the time finally pass." Okay ! "He gets up, resumes his questioning smile and drops his chair, without realizing it.

> Painter


2019/12 "CONTINENTS" Exhibition
Station F, Paris, France

2016/06Collective Expo participation "Miranda, Spanish America seen and dreamed"
City hall of the Premier arrondissement, Paris, France

2014/11 Exposition "Retrospectiva 10"
Espace La Maison du Chili, Paris, France

2009/05 Exposure"Lucho Hernandez & Christian McManus"
MacAllister art experience event, Paris, FRANCE.

2008/11 Collective exhibition "Paris, Damascus"
Institute of the Arab World, Paris, FRANCE.

2007/11 Living room"Comparisons"
Latin American Group (comiss: Malena Santillana), as part of the "Art in Capital" fair. Grand Palais, Paris, FRANCE.

2006/05 “Si, po!” Festival Chilean artistic news in France
Espace Main d'Oeuvres, Saint-Ouen, FRANCE.

2004/12 Exposure"The Empowered Trace"
George Sand Media Library, Palaiseau, FRANCE.

2004/01 ExposureLucho Hernandez
Espace / Restaurant MAOH, Neuilly sur Seine, FRANCE.

2003/09 Collective exhibition "Homage to S. Allende"
Espace KIRON, Paris, FRANCE.

2003/09 Collective exhibition "Homage to S. Allende"
City hall of the 14th arrondissement, Paris, FRANCE.

2003/09 Exhibition "Mensajeras Areas"
Latin American Cultural Space, ECLA of Lyon, FRANCE.

2001/11 Exhibition “La Era de la Bandera”
Space / RestaurantValparaiso, Paris, France.

1999 Exhibition “D klus”
National School of Industrial Creation (ENSCI “Les Ateliers”), Paris, FRANCE.

1998 Personal Exhibition
ENSCI “Les Ateliers”, Paris, FRANCE.

1996 Collective Exhibition “Young Painting”
As part of the activities of the Paris City Hall. Cognacq-Jay Museum, Paris, FRANCE.

1996 Personal Exhibition
ENSCI “Les Ateliers”, Paris, FRANCE.

1994 “Pintura joven” competition (participation)
Sala “El Farol”, Valparaiso, CHILE.